How It Works

The Lauren Look is a rental subscription service that provides unlimited access to the latest styles, delivered to your door for just $125 per month.
Rent, try, keep for a while, or buy and have forever.



Explore weekly new arrivals and add styles to your Closet, by clicking on the hanger icon, to create your dream wardrobe. You will need at least 10 items to your closet to automatically trigger your first box. We recommend maintaining 24+ items for seamless service.



We’ll ship you four (4) items at a time from your Closet, based on item availability, to wear for as long as you’d like.


Keep or Repeat

When you’re ready for a new box, return all four (4) items or buy your favorites at a members-only discount. With unlimited monthly box exchanges and free shipping, you can try and wear new looks all month long.

Still have questions? Please reference our FAQs or contact us by phone 1-866-764-2846 or by email.
Member Benefits

Style Refresh

Always have something new to wear with access to the latest styles. Plus with our Need it Now! feature you can select the exact four (4) items you'll receive in your next box.

Endless Outfits, One Price

Get continuous shipments of four (4) styles all month long. Use our Return Notify feature to minimize the wait between boxes.

Unlimited Free Shipping & Returns

Enjoy free USPS priority mail shipping both ways. A prepaid envelope is included in every box for your return. Simply scan the QR code on the label to arrange a pick-up.

Free Dry Cleaning

Wear and return – we’ll take care of the
rest. Every item is thoroughly cleaned
each time it is returned to us, at no cost
to you!

Exclusive Discounts

Can’t bear to part with an item you love? Purchase your favorites directly from your Closet at exclusive member discounts.

Be a part of The Lauren Look community

Inspire and be inspired. Review the styles you try and take a peek at what others
are loving, too.

Insider Tips to Maximize
Your Subscription

Continuous Closet

Add at least 10 items to your closet to automatically trigger your first box. We recommend maintaining 24+ items for seamless service.

Expedite Your Next Box

Visit the At Home section of your Closet and select Return Item on the piece(s) you’re not purchasing. We will begin preparing your next box right away, even before we receive the previous one.

Prioritize and Need it Now!

Prioritize your favorite pieces and we’ll do our best to include them in your next box. Need specific items right away? Select Need it Now! and you will receive them for a small rush fee.

Save For Later

Love an item but don’t need it for a few weeks or months? Select Save in your closet, and we’ll hold it until you tell us you’re ready, pending item availability.